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Honje Ecolodge is situated on a one hectare of beach front land right at border of Ujung Kulon National a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Cinibung Village, Sumur Subdistrict, Pandeglang Regency, province of Banten.

Ujung Kulon national park is the largest and only national park with world heritage site status in Java. It is located in the South Western tip of Java on the Sunda shelf. The park contains the largest remaining area of lowland rainforests in the Java and the home of several species of endangered plants and animals including the endangered Java rhinoceros.

The beautiful long white sandy beach and the bay are Honje Ecolodge’s main playground. The very wide flat beach area is ideal for relaxing or just playing. The shallow bay is really nice for swimming both for adults and kids. The beach is swimmable in most times throughout the year except for few weeks during the height of Western monsoon.

The bay is also great for kayaking and sailing or just crusing around the bay and nearby islands with the our Sampan. The nearby islands with their pure white sandy beach and torquise water are very nice for snorkling or just relaxing.

Right at the back of Honje Ecolodge is the high hills with dense rainforest that is part of the national park. It is a great place for hiking.

Beach Houses

We have four nice beach houses and we named them by part of the color of each house. The house was built with a simple-small family vacation home in mind. The design was done by two Jakarta young architecs who finally ended up leading the contruction. Due to remote location and lack of infrastructure for construction, most part of the red house was prefabricated in Jakarta. The actual construction process took about nine months with the help of people from Cinibung and Keusik Panjang village who are now our very good neighbours. All villas comes with complete facilities such haidryer, safe deposit box and air condition. However, by keeping the windows open , in most nights we can have cool air without having the air condition on. Based on popular demand, we now provide each villas with cable tv.

Rumah Merah (the Red House)

Rumah Merah (The Red House) was the first villa we built. It is a two-storey three bedrooms villa with a living room on the first floor. The master bedroom is also on the first floor comes with bathroom and the two remaining bedrooms are on the second floor with one shared bathroom. There is a small but very nice sitting room and a balcony at the second level. All rooms have excellent view of the beach and outdoor area.

3 Bedroom

2 Bathroom

1 Living Room with sofa bed

9 people max. occupancy

Pantry, Refrigerator, AC, Wifi, TV cable


IDR. 6.75m for 1 night

IDR. 8.75m for 1 night (Special for Lebaran, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, with a minimum order of two nights.)

Additional maximum of 3 people, at a charge of IDR. 500k /person

Rumah Merah

Rumah Kuning (the Yellow House)

Rumah Kuning (The Yellow house) is three bedroom house with similar design with Rumah Merah but slightly larger. It was completed in early 2015. Every rooms has its own bathroom and balcony and the house has a very cozy sitting room. All rooms have excellent view of the beach and surrounding area.

3 Bedroom

3 Bathroom

1 Living Room with sofa bed

10 people max. occupancy

Pantry, Refrigerator, AC, Wifi, TV cable


IDR. 7.5m for 1 night

IDR. 10.5m for 1 night (Special for Lebaran, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, with a minimum order of two nights.)

Additional maximum of 3 people, at a charge of IDR. 500k /person

Rumah Kuning

Rumah Pohon (the Tree House)

Rumah Pohon (the Tree House) also completed earlrly 2015. Some guests said that this is the signature villa due to its design and it is situated on a tree top right by the beach! It is built on the biggest tree in our compound right on the beach. It has one bed room with very nice balcony right on top of the beach, living area and ensuite bathroom.

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

1 Living Room

2 people max. occupancy

Pantry, Refrigerator, AC, Wifi, TV cable


IDR. 2m for 1 night

IDR. 3m for 1 night (Special for Lebaran, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, with a minimum order of two nights.)

Additional maximum of 1 people, at a charge of IDR. 500k /person

Rumah Pohon

Term and Condition

Price includes:

  • Tourism Tax
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Morning and Afternoon Snack according to check-in and check-out schedule.
  • Tea, coffee, sugar, mineral water in the Villa and shared facilities.
  • All play facilities, including a tour guide to Cinibung waterfall, canoe, bodyboard, bike, gazebo, library, and WIFI, are free of charge.
  • Children under the age of five. without the need for additional capacity calculations Children over the age of five pay in full, according to the provisions. To maintain capacity and level of service, the maximum number of Free Children under the age of five in each house is three in the Red House, three in the Yellow House, and one in the Tree House. If the amount exceeds the cost of the meal, a fee will be charged in accordance with the provisions.
  • The rental price is per house with all of its capacities, so there is no discount if the number of people is less than the standard capacity.


  • The earliest check-in time is 15.00 WIB, and the latest check-out time is 12.00 WIB. Please indicate if you wish to change the time, and we will endeavour to accommodate you.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring utensils or cook in the house (a microwave for warming food is provided in each villa).
  • Smoking is not permitted in any villa accommodation, and pets are not permitted.
  • You can select the type of food bundle and add on more meal packages.
  • Breakfast menu package Rp. 30,000. Lunch and dinner cost Rp. 45,000, and snacks cost Rp. 20,000. BBQ extra package Rp. 60,000 - Rp. 100,000 (please verify the menu list)
  • The travel time from Jakarta is around 4.15 minutes. Transport packages are available at an additional cost upon request.
  • Tour guides and boat rentals to Badul Island, Handeleum, and Peucang, as well as fishing sports, a Banana Boat or Jet Ski (half day/full day), and a campfire, are extra.
  • When ordering and paying off on H-7, the conditions for binding an order include a non-refundable down payment of 50% of the amount of the stay (including food).
  • Menu selection is applicable to all groups and must be completed no later than D-2 following arrival.


Pendopo Ungu

Pendopo Ungu (the Purple Pendopo) serves as a common dining room as well as a place to chill during a hot day or in the evening. You can use our small collection of books, DVDs, board games and sports equipment for use here. Next to it is a barbeque pit and outdoor shower area.


Your relaxing stay in our house would be an even more enchanting experience with the food prepared on site by our local chef. At the moment when you book you stay at Honje ecolodge, we will ask you to select from our menu for your meals during your stay. Let us know in advance if you are planning to take a day trip on the boat, and we’ll prepare your picnic for the trip. We do our best to use local ingredients free-range meat grown in the area. But due to its location, without preparation, it is not easy to find several essentials on the spot.

House Keeping & Laundry

With four fulltime staffs, we can take care of most your daily needs of you stay. Towels and mosquito repellents are available. If you forget your sunscreens, it can be bought easily at cost. It is possible to arrange laundry. We train local people to help with this.


There are great array of activities in Honje Ecolodge. You could choose from water-based activities such as kayaking, fishing, surfing, island hopping, snorkling, scuba diving, sailing as well as land based activities such as running, trekking, biking, bird watching or simply visiting the villages in the area. The use of kayak, laser, snorkling equipment and bicycle are free of charge. We will charge small fees for the use of Sampan to cover the gasoline. Our snorkling equipment is limited in terms of number and sizes. If you want to make sure you get the right size you can bring your own equipment.

There is no dive operator nearby. If you are planning to dive, you willneed to tell us in advance so that we can connect you with dive operator in Carita who will prepare the equipment and guide for your.

There are are interesting places within one or two hours boat ride to visit such as Handeleum, Peucang, Panaitan, Krakatau and other places.

Where Our Profit Goes?


When we set foot in Keusik Panjang, we were very saddenned by the condition of the people in the area. Most of the people are farmers with exception to the new who are both fisherman and farmer. As the enforcement for the protection of the national park intensivies, they are stuck between the sea and national park, very little that they can do. Since most of them do not own land, they cannot farm and dont have anough resources to fish. For those who can fish, when their wooden canoe rotted, they cannot make a new canoe as the trees are located in the national park. What we are trying to do now is to promote ecotourism in Cinibung village. For example we assisted WWF program in Cinibung Village to train local artists to make handicrafts and we encourage our guests to check them out and purchase what they like. Our medium term goal is to assist them in opening homestay program so that we could welcome more guests. We think the natural beauty of Ujung Kulon and possible direct interaction with people of Ujung Kulon would be a very nice attraction for people to come and visit.


We opened a classroom for Cinibung children to learn to read Al Quran, English, Math and how to use computer with one teacher from Jakarta about eight years ago. Due to incresing demand from surrounding areas, in 2011 we built three additional classrooms with four full time teachers all from the surrounding villages. We trained the teachers in a school in Jakarta for six months to one year so that they can learn how to run a classroom. Our target is to show the local children and parents that education is very important and fun. As our school does not offer degrees, all of our students still go to regular school. Most of them do much better than their peers who do not go to our school. Some of them even have finsihed high school which is still rare in Cinibung Village.